Corendon­ – Artificial assistance for individual holiday recommendations

Corendon is founded in 2000. With a turnover of more than €375 million (2015), more than 500 employees and a fleet of 18 airplanes, it is one of the biggest and most innovative travel agencies in the Dutch and Belgian market. Corendon helps about 650.000 travellers per year to find their favourite holiday trips and destinations.

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award winning: shopping award­ & DDMA Award 

With this campaign, Corendon has won the Dutch Shopping Awards 2018 in the category 'Travel and Leisure'. The Shopping Awards are the most prestegious awards in the Netherlands for e-commerce. This campaign has also been rewarded by the Dutch association for e-mail marketing (DDMA) with a 2018 DMMA Award in the category 'Single Shot'.


A wide range of holiday packages in combination with a limited consumer attention span, requires Corendon to quickly make their consumers an offer that match their individual needs. Corendon used to send their offers to a large group of customers, without taking personal needs into account. However, a consumer that often books all-inclusive beach holidays to Turkey, might not be interested in the same offers as the person that prefers to go on vacation at a distant destination, Thailand for example. Therefore, Corendon wants to personalize their offers throughout the customer journey to increase conversion rates, customer satisfaction and improve capacity utilization of their products (hotels, flights, etc.) during off season. To achieve this, all relevant data from different consumer touchpoints should be collected and interpreted, to predict relevant personalized holiday recommendations.

Business results

  • 98% decrease in unsubscribers­ for e-mail marketing
  • 151% increase in click-through rates­ in direct mailing
  • 54% higher conversion rates­ on entire e-mail marketing (hence 3 times higher for an individual)
  • 85% less e-mails­ sent

Consumer results

  • *Less irrelevant* mails  Less irrelevant­ mails 
  • Relevant *holiday suggestions* Relevant holiday suggestions
  • *Increased consumer satisfaction* Increased consumer satisfaction


The first step in creating a personalized customer journey was to personalize e-mail marketing, by starting to send e-mails with highly relevant personal content. The goal was to improve click-through rates, increase conversion on e-mail marketing and to create Corendon-fans by sending personalized content. Corendon's ultimate goal is to further personalize the customer journey on all marketing channels (e.g. website, Google, print, customer service and advertising) in subsequent projects.

To recommend the preferred accommodation in the desired travel period to every individual customer, the individual preferences for a holiday have to be predicted by analysing implicit and explicit preference data. Examples of preference data are historical bookings, page and product views on the website, and product review scores. These data in combination with product and customer characteristics were used to recommend every individual with the product that best matches his or her individual needs.

As important as sending a relevant offer, is sending the offer at the right time to increase the probability that the customer will book the holiday suggested. Therefore, the e-mails were timed at moments with the highest predicted conversion rate.



Predicts the holiday package with the best fit with an individual consumer.
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Corne hoogendoorn­ - marketing director

Building Blocks provided Corendon with a predictive tool for personalized communication for almost every aspect in marketing communication. In addition to the well-known digital channels (website, search, display and social) the more traditional channels as print and telephone are also benefiting from these accurate predictions. The collaboration with Building Blocks is outstanding, every consultant is dedicated to achieve the best results for Corendon.