Jeans Centre­ - Recommender mirror

Jeans Centre is a Dutch fashion retailer specialized in jeans. It has been around for over 40 years and with almost 100 stores and a webshop, Jeans Centre is a well-known player in the Dutch fashion market. Jeans Centre is differentiating itself by creating a unique shopping experience.

project & goal­ 

The last couple of years Jeans Centre has heavily invested in data management and is therefore able to experiment with new technical innovations that enhance the customer experience in the offline environment. According to Jeans Centre's research, their customers have a more than average need for service and advice. Therefore, Jeans Centre want to guide their customers troughout the whole customer journey when visiting a store. Jeans Centre was searching for new ways to connect the offline and online environment more effectively. In such a way that the intelligence from the data generated by their webshop can be used to enhance the customer experience in their physical store. With these criteria in mind we started an innovation project in collaboration with Jeans Centre and First Impression to develop the ‘Recommender Mirror’.

Business results

  • Integration­ of the online and offline channel
  • Privacy compliant:­ no customer data needed

Consumer results

  • *Personal fashion advice* in-store Personal fashion advice­ in-store
  • *Guidance through assortment* in offline store  Guidance through assortment­ in offline store 


The 'Recommender Mirror' is a smart mirror that can be placed anywhere in your store. The mirror detects the label of the items the customer is keeping in front of the mirror. The mirror generates real-time recommendations based on image recognition and product profiling. Image recognition techniques are capable to find items with a similar style, and product profiling finds products that are often bought together. In this way we were able to combine artificial taste and human taste into smart recommendations. On top of that the mirror is alligned with the assortment of the particular store, to be sure that it never recommends items that are out-of-stock in the particular size the customer is wearing.

The recommender mirror can also be seen as a new source of data, providing more information about offline shopping behaviours. This information can used in an online environment too. Next steps in this project could be connecting the mirror with apps and loyalty cards to even further personalize offers and establish an even better in-store experience.


Predicts which items have a similar style based on image recognition
foto van NAAM

Michelle hendricx­ - Marketing Manager

The recommender mirror knows the complete assortment, is able to make combinations and is working with live data. Therefore, the recommender mirror has the potential to be a valuable complement to our sales representatives, which let them focus on more personal interactions and assistance.