We empower you to perfectly act on your consumer needs

We envision and deploy customer-centric business models for retail companies, enabling you to make the best consumer driven decisions every day. Hereby you ensure that your customers get the personalized offers and services they desire. 

Connect solutions­ throughout the organization

The dynamic block structure empowers you to connect and integrate multiple solutions in your organization. Empowering you to really put the consumer at the center of your business and make the best business decisions based on your own KPIs and individual consumer needs and behavior.

  • *Scale the solution* over departments in your organization¬† Scale the solution­ over departments in your organization¬†
  • Incorporate *multiple KPIs* in one solution Incorporate multiple KPIs­ in one solution
  • *Make the best decisions* for your business Make the best decisions­ for your business

How to increase business impact?

for more accurate predictions
for broader consumer insights
for more business actions

Extensive domain knowledge­ of the retail industry

Blocks and optimizers are specifically programmed for - and trained in - the retail industry. They contain specific domain knowledge to personalize your offers and services according to your individual consumer's needs. Our solutions are already proven at different innovative retail companies and can be implemented in your business with a short time-to-value. Because of the dynamic structure of our solutions it is also possible to create a completely new composition that meet your specific business needs together with one of our data translators.

Couldn't find the solution for your specific business needs?

Every retailer is unique and faces different challenges in their business. Because of our extensive domain knowledge in the retail industry and our dynamic block structure, we can help you to create a custom solution that fits your specific business needs. Our data translators are ready to help to create a custom composition tailored for you!

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Tom van der Woude­
Data Translator & Retail expert

I can help you to create a custom data science solution that fits your specific business needs! Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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